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ITSPHUN in school
The ITSPHUN interlocking geometric shapes reinforced geometry concepts by providing a fun, hands-on experience. The students were completely engaged, studying the idea cards and trying to build the suggested shapes. Many also took their learning to the next level by using their imaginations to create amazing geometric shapes! Since introducing them, we have used them as part of our free-time math activities and extensions.

Mrs. Biddle, CA teacher

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Thank you so much for funding this proposal for the ItsPhun building sets that received 5 stars from teachers and moms who posted reviews. After reading comments like "weeks later, they're still building with them," and "it's their favorite activity," we are thrilled to know that these colorful shapes will soon be in eager hands. 

When it was time for math stations, the students needed no introduction to these sets that tested their fine motor and visual discrimination skills and ignited their creativity. As you can see from the photos, they were engrossed puzzling and piecing together the various geometric shapes. Although their output was quite diverse, their comments were unanimous: you are "awesome."

Ms Y., CA teacher

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ITSPHUN in school
Excellent kit - educational and fun!
I use these colorful interlocking shapes to enhance my Geometry lessons. My students love it - working with those perfectly cut interlocking colorful shapes is their favorite activity. There are some instructions with the kit to help them get started. I have seen the most amazing designs created by students; they adore working with that kit, constantly asking me if they can take a picture or take their creation home to show to their parents.
I also teach Physics and it turns out that Physics students love the kit too.
Shapes interlock perfectly, and their bright cheerful colors make working with them very pleasant activity.
It is an excellent tool to explore, relax, and create amazingly beautiful geometric shapes. Great classroom activity!
The kit is an excellent choice for fun and an educational gift too, I bought the foam starter kit as a birthday present for a 7 year old boy and he loves to play with it too.

Ludmila Nikolaeva
Math and Physics Teacher
Washington HS, Freemont, CA
ITSPHUN in school
ITSPHUN Polyhedraville
The materials were attractive to all ages of students from 1st grade through 8th—and adults.
The youngest students had no trouble using the materials and building the first half dozen simple constructions.
The pieces held up very well under six sessions of student use; no materials were broken, bent, or torn, even though some fell to the floor and were stepped on.
Though most students followed the tasks on the cards, some students preferred to be creative, and the materials lend themselves well to creative play.

Paul Giganti, Jr.
Chair of Special Projects
Director, Math Festival Program
California Mathematics Council